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FOX Business
Jun 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT
, risks have diminished. the economy is getting better and tapering off will continue. he gave as you very specific timeline for tapering off of the bond purchases. all that weighed in on the market. the question is whether this is it or there are worst times to come in terms of a selloff t was a selloff and it was instigated by the federal reserve. cheryl: dow is down 205 points. we really had a vast breadth of selling in the last five minutes. david: that is the intraday low for all of the markets as they all take a dive below 1:00%. "after the bell" begins right now. cheryl: let's get right to today's action. we had a lot of it. bret says be prepared for a pullback. you got one day. larry hilsenrath. director of research who says there is one indicator no one is talking about that could determine when the fed tapers. of course mark sebastion in the pits of the cme. mark, i want to start with you, what a day especially when you look at swings in treasury price, volatility there, dollar, gold, what was the top of your radar today? >> the dog that is wagging the whole market's tail is 10-y
FOX Business
Jun 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
many financial stocks particularly those exposed to the domestic economy. david: okay. >> the u.s. is well-capitalized -- david: i have to put you on pause there when you're on financials. we'll take issue with you. we have earnings coming in from oracle. jo ling kent what do the numbers look like? >> dave, we have an 87 cents per share eps which is exactly as expected. $10.95 billion which is a miss on revenue. breaking down numbers a little bit, we see a quarterly revenue of $849 million. what is interesting, new software license revenues were up 1.4% to 4 billion. they were expecting to see this go from, between 1 and 11% that is certainly on the low end. that is a very important area for oracle to grow especially if other companies get into this market. david: i want to go back to todd. we have a lot of news to cover i don't want to focus on any one stock but does this tell you anything about oracle? >> this is common throughout the entire earnings season. miss on the top line. that is the whole story. oracle looks pretty good chartwise. with the current market conditions it
FOX Business
Jun 18, 2013 4:00pm EDT
would need to see a more sustainable real improvement in the economy before we saw any reduction in his quantitative easing. if we look at recent economic data, ism manufacturing, with a reading below 50 to me, that's not necessarily an improvement in the overall economy. i think we can look through the announcement tomorrow. it will be hard. there will be some volatility. by and large i think it is more an issue of 2014. liz: but, edward, is it fair to say you wouldn't necessarily change your investment strategy on what the fed will or won't do? >> that's correct. we're a bottom-up stock-pickers. we're looking at individual securities that kind of have a technical profile that is attractive to us, a fundamental profile that is attractive to us. we may take advantage of some of the short term volatility trimming winners and taking advantage of some of the weakness. by and large we're looking over next 12 to eight teen months and think this is another ssdeshow. david: let me follow up on that and what liz was saying. what if bernanke says what the market really doesn't want to hear? the
FOX Business
Jun 17, 2013 4:00pm EDT
of growth including supporting demand because economic prospects for the global economy remain weak. sounds like austerity is going bit wayside. in a statement reportedly released after the force working session today, leaders said optimism in financial markets we've been seeing has yet to translate fully into broader improvements in economic activity. they endorsed continued monetary policies from central banks that could help the recovery. now this morning the president and european leaders separately announced that they will start talks to build a big, new, transatlantic, free-trade agreement between the u.s. and the european union. one study says it would boost trade by more than $200 billion a year. the president will host the first round of talks here in washington starting next month. >> this transatlantic trade and investment partnership will be a priority of mine and my administration. it is important that we get it right. and that means resisting the temptation to downsize our ambitions or avoided tough issues just for the sake of getting a deal. >> this afternoon, president obama
FOX Business
Jun 21, 2013 4:00pm EDT
have got to ask you because you hinted at this. the fact that in fact the economy is not doing as well as the fed suggested and as well as the market would indicate. do you think we're going to have a lousy earnings season this summer? >> yes. i think second-quarter earnings, particularly for tech stocks where they have the big international exposure, a lot of them missed earnings. and were given kind after pass. oracle missed again last night. these big, big software and server companies who shhuld be in the heart of all the technological demand going on right now, are all seeing lower year-over-year results. that's not good. david: yeah. fleckenstein capital president, bill fleckenstein. he always loves the counter place. we love to have him on. we have breaking news from jo ling kent. what is it, jo? >> that's right. joseph @ bank confirms they're psyching potential act with savings their company. what is interesting here joseph a. bank had reinvention, not just but in 1999, since then, their shareholder value reports.d 5700% according to so they're looking for an acquisition to fac
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5